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6 Uniqueness of NH F’rm Plus

  • Japanese formula suitable for Asian women.
  • Active bust-nourishing essences - phytoestrogens, flavonoids and amino acids.
  • Delicious and ready to drink anytime.
  • Utilizes the latest BIO-Technology to give fuller and firmer breasts in just two weeks.
  • Safe; no injections and no operations needed.
  • All-natural ingredients, no side effects and suitable for long-term consumption.

5 Bust-Nourishing Effects of NH Fírm Plus

  1. Promotes the growth of fibrous tissue to firm and reshape loosened breasts.
  2. Repairs and strengthens the suspensory ligament for structural support and uplifts breasts.
  3. Activates the growth of breast glandular tissue and promotes accumulation of fat in the breast tissue for breast enlargement.
  4. Supplies nutrients and retains moisture for smooth and supple breast skin.
  5. Reduces the accumulation of melanin to lighten dark nipples.


Recommended Dosage

Day 1 to 10: Consume one bottle daily on an empty stomach or before bedtime.

Day 11 and onwards: Consume one bottle every alternate day.

After 3 months: Consume one bottle every three days.

*Shake well before drinking. 






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