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Frequent Ask Questions

1. How soon can results be seen?

While results vary among individuals, clinical findings have shown that breasts will feel tighter and firmer within 2 weeks. In one month, breasts become fuller, firmer, perkier, more supple and increases by one cup size. Breast skin becomes smoother and younger.


2. When would be the best time to consume NH F’rm Plus?

NH F’rm Plus can be taken anytime but experts recommend taking it before bedtime as cell repairs and the natural growth of breasts and skin take place at night. 


3. Does NH F’rm Plus cause any side effects?

No. NH F’rm Plus is an all-natural formula and made mostly from pueraria mirifica, sea buckthorn, marine protein and passion fruit juice concentrate. No side effects will occur from long-term usage. 


4. Will NH F’rm Plus contribute to weight gain after long-term consumption?

No. NH F’rm Plus is a low-calorie drink with no fat content. However, it can regulate free fatty acids in the body to travel to breasts for fuller breasts without the weight gain.  


5. What are the differences between NH f’rm Plus and other available bust-nourishing drinks in the market?

NH F’rm Plus is the only bust-nourishing drink in the market that utilizes the latest bio-technology to break down molecules. This allows its essences to be absorbed instantly by cells and penetrate deep into breast tissue to exert its 5 distinctive bust-nourishing effects. As NH F’rm Plus contains a high content of active natural essences, it only needs to be consumed every alternate day. Even better, NH F’rm Plus is delicious and convenient to drink anytime. 


6. Will the bust-nourishing effects stop after consumption discontinues?

NH F’rm Plus strengthens breasts from within. Consistent consumption will enable long lasting bust-nourishing effects. However, there are many inevitable factors such as ageing and gravity that may lead to the degeneration of breast tissue. It is advisable to drink NH F’rm Plus on long-term basis to maintain perkier, fuller and perfect breasts. 


7. Why is consumption of NH F’rm Plus discouraged during menstruation?

As estrogen levels in the body are low during menstruation, the bust-nourishing effects of NH F’rm Plus are drastically reduced. It is therefore, not advisable to take NH F’rm Plus during menstruation to avoid wastage.  




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