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NH Frm Plus What is it?

The beauty of a matured woman is evident in her grace, wisdom and elegance. Whatever you wear and whatever your size, walking tall with the right silhouette gives off an attractive feminine grace.

NH F’rm Plus is a bust-nourishing drink specially formulated for Asian women. Each bottle of NH F’rm plus is made from pueraria mirifica, sea buckthorn, marine protein and passion fruit juice concentrate. This refreshing fruity concoction contains natural phytoestrogens, flavonoids, amino acids and bust-nourishing essences to help increase the fullness of your breasts. 

Integrating the latest in Bio-Technology, NH F’rm Plus penetrates deep within the breast tissue to activate the healthy growth of glandular tissue and breast cells to give you noticeably firmer, perkier and fuller breasts. It also improves droopy, saggy, wide-apart and flat breasts as well as lightens dark nipples for a sexier appearance.   

Highly recommended for

  • Those who desire fuller and perkier breasts.
  • Those with imperfect growth, flat, small and unsymmetrical breasts as well as rough and dark breast skin.
  • Those who suffer from dark nipples as well as saggy, shrunken, droopy and wide-apart breasts due to breastfeeding, menopause, weight loss or hormone imbalance.


Product size which available in the market : 6 bottles in a box

Retail price: RM88.80 (WM)





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